SASSA Status Check | SRD Status Check For R350 Online

Use our SASSA status check tool to track your Social Relief of Distress grant easily. See if your R350 grant is approved, when payments are sent. Our real-time website puts vital info at your fingertips, helping you stay on top of your SRD application. Don’t be left guessing tap into our SASSA status checker now for clear answers about your grant, whether it is approved or Declined.

Check SASSA Status Online | SRD Status Check 2024

SRD Status Check 2024

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant in South Africa has seen changes in 2024. Previously set at R350, the government has now increased the amount to R370. This boost aims to help more people cope with daily challenges.

Checking your SRD status is important to know if you qualify for this support. The process is simple:

  1. Visit the official SASSA website at
  2. Locate the “SRD Status Check” section
  3. Enter your ID number and phone number
  4. Submit your details

The system will then show your current application status. It might say “approved,” “pending,” or give other feedback.

Remember, the SRD grant helps those who are unemployed and don’t get other government aid. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, this grant could be a lifeline.

Keep your personal information up to date with SASSA. This ensures you don’t miss out on important updates about your grant.

Check SASSA SRD Payment Dates for July 2024

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has released the payment schedule for the special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant in July 2024. As per SASSA’s announcement, approved beneficiaries will receive their R350 grant from 25-30 July 2024.

Recipients are advised to check their status on the SASSA SRD Status Check website during this period for the confirmed date the funds will reflect in their bank accounts. Typically it takes 2-3 working days after processing for payments to appear. Eligible applicants should ensure they meet the criteria including being unemployed

How to Check SASSA Status Online in 2024?

Well, checking the SASSA Status Online is very easy, all you need to do is

  1. Enter your South African ID Card Number.
  2. Enter your Registered Mobile Number.
  3. Click on Check Now.
  4. That’s how you can check your SASSA Status Online only on our website

However, if you are having problems, you can click on the link above, and it will take you to the official website of Government Website (

Why You Should Check Your SASSA Status Frequently?

Frequently checking your SASSA status enables you to:

  • Receive timely updates on your social grant application processing
  • Confirm your eligibility is verified under SASSA requirements
  • Check that proper documentation and details are reflected
  • Track payments and view details on grant disbursement
  • Access information on reasons for any application delays
  • Stay informed of reconsideration request statuses if previously denied
  • Manage grant payments and bank account details
  • Quickly address any issues that arise with your social assistance
  • Ensure you get enrolled and receive the necessary financial support and benefits you qualify for

SRD SASSA Status Check Result Status Meaning

When you apply for a grant from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), your application is assigned a status. This status indicates where your application is in the review and approval process.

It’s important to understand the different SASSA application statuses so you know what each one means.

Pending Status

A pending status is the most common status for new SASSA grant applications. It means your application is still being processed and reviewed by SASSA.

Applications can remain pending for weeks or even months depending on:

  • The type of grant applied for
  • How complete your application is
  • Current workload and capacity at SASSA offices

If your status is pending, you must wait for SASSA to finish reviewing your application. Check for status updates regularly by phone, email or visiting your SASSA office.

Approved Status

An approved status means your SASSA grant application has been accepted. You will receive the grant funds if your status changes to approved.

You will be notified by SMS, email or letter once approved. You can then select your payout method – bank account, Post Office account or cash card.

Declined Status

A declined status means your SASSA application was rejected and not approved. The rejection notification will specify the reason for being declined.

If you believe the decision was incorrect, you can appeal within 30 days of receiving the decline letter. Provide written motivation explaining why you are appealing.

Under Review Status

An under review status means SASSA requires additional information to finalize your grant application. This may include:

  • Proof of income or employment
  • Bank account statements
  • Certified copies of your ID

You will receive notification from SASSA on what is outstanding. Submit the requested documents as soon as possible to avoid delays.

On Hold Status

A SASSA application status on hold means there is an issue that needs resolving before your application can be processed further.

This may occur if your application is incomplete, lacks required documents or contains incorrect information. SASSA will advise you on the reason for the on hold status.

Once resolved, your application will be taken off hold and reviewed. Provide any requested information to SASSA quickly.

Cancelled Status

A cancelled status means your SASSA grant application has been cancelled entirely. This may happen if:

  • You request to withdraw the application
  • You fail to provide required documents
  • You do not meet the grant eligibility criteria

If your application is incorrectly cancelled, follow the appeals process within 30 days, but it should not exceed 90 Days.

How to Check Your SASSA SRD Grant Application Status Online?

Monitoring your SRD grant application progress ensures you can access approved funds as soon as possible. While payment dates vary, you can confirm your status anytime using these convenient digital methods.

Check SASSA Status Online at

The quickest way to check your status is directly through the SASSA SRD website. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the SASSA SRD portal at
  2. Enter your mobile number in the provided field.
  3. Click “Send SMS.”
  4. You will receive an SMS containing your one-time OTP passcode or status PIN.
  5. Input the code on the website to view your official SRD grant application status.
  6. The screen will display the status of your SASSA application – whether it is approved, pending review, or rejected.

Though SASSA does not specify exact payment dates, this website enables checking your status 24/7.

Use the Moya App to Check SRD Status

You can also easily check your SRD grant application status using SASSA’s official Moya smartphone app. Follow these steps:

  1. Install the Moya App on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Open the app and tap “Discovery.”
  3. Select “Application Status.”
  4. Enter your SASSA ID number and mobile number.
  5. Your status will load on the next screen, whether it is Approved or not

The Moya App provides an easy way to check anytime, anywhere right from your smartphone.

Check SRD Status via WhatsApp

Checking your status via WhatsApp only takes a few quick steps:

  1. Save the number 082 046 8553 in your contacts as “SASSA Status.”
  2. Open WhatsApp and start a new chat with the “SASSA Status” contact.
  3. Type your full name, surname, and ID number and hit send.
  4. You will receive a reply SMS with your official SRD grant application status whether it is Rejected or Approved

WhatsApp makes checking your status simple and convenient even without mobile data.

Call the SASSA Call Center for Checking SASSA Status

You can also check your SRD Status grant application status over the phone:

  1. Dial 080 060 1011 on your mobile or landline.
  2. Provide your ID number to the SASSA agent.
  3. They will communicate your current SRD grant application status whether it is Approved or rejected

If you need to speak with an agent directly, calling the SASSA call center quickly connects you.

Get Your SRD Funds Faster

Checking your SASSA SRD grant application frequently online helps ensure a smooth process so you can access approved payments as soon as possible. Use the SASSA website, Moya app, WhatsApp, or call center to monitor your status instead of waiting in long queues. With these quick digital options, you can get status updates 24/7 and receive urgently needed social assistance faster.

Understanding SASSA and Social Grants

To ensure that SASSA can consider an applicant’s social grant application, certain information needs to be confirmed or provided. This includes the following details:

1. Confirmation of Reading and Acceptance:

Applicants or their authorized representatives must confirm that they have read and accepted the clauses outlined in the Declaration and Consent Documents. It is important to thoroughly review and understand these documents before proceeding with the application.

2. Personal Details:

Applicants are required to provide their personal information, including their full name, date of birth, and identification details. This information is essential for SASSA to accurately process and identify each applicant.

3. Mobile Number (Cell Phone Number):

It is crucial to provide an active mobile number as part of the application process. This ensures that SASSA can communicate important updates, notifications, and any additional information related to the application via SMS or phone calls.

4. Employment Information and Lifestyle Sustainability Information:

SASSA may request details regarding the applicant’s employment status, income, and overall lifestyle sustainability. This information helps SASSA assess the applicant’s financial situation and determine their eligibility for specific social grants.

5. Banking Information:

Applicants will need to provide their banking information, including the bank name, account number, and branch code. This enables SASSA to deposit approved social grant payments directly into the applicant’s designated bank account, ensuring secure and convenient access to the funds.

SASSA Status Check For R350 Payment Dates For 2024/2025

Below is the chart for SASSA Payment Dates for 2024/2025.

MonthOlder Person’s GrantDisability GrantChildren’s Grants
April 20243 April 20244 April 20245 April 2024
May 20243 May 20246 May 20247 May 2024
June 20244 June 20245 June 20246 June 2024
July 20242 July 20243 July 20244 July 2024
August 20242 August 20245 August 20246 August 2024
September 20243 September 20244 September 20245 September 2024
October 20242 October 20243 October 20244 October 2024
November 20245 November 20246 November 20247 November 2024
December 20243 December 20244 December 20245 December 2024
January 20253 January 20256 January 20257 January 2025
February 20254 February 20255 February 20256 February 2025
March 20254 March 20255 March 20256 March 2025

Important Note Regarding SASSA Status Check

Kindly be aware that all necessary information will be submitted electronically, eliminating the need for document uploads. It is crucial to provide SASSA with an active Mobile Number (cell phone number) through which we can communicate updates regarding your application status. Additionally, you can conveniently check the status of your application directly on this website.

If your application is declined, you can appeal the decision monthly with the Department of Social Development. The declination notification will detail the appeal procedure. Note that not appealing each declined month will uphold the original decision.

Grant Application Update: Keep Your Information Current

For individuals with active SRD R350 grant applications or reapplications submitted since April 2022, SASSA ensures automatic consideration for each month until March 2024. As circumstances may change or errors may occur, existing applicants have the flexibility to update their responses to the screening questionnaire at any time. By utilizing this self-service feature, applicants can easily correct errors or provide updated information to reflect their current situation.

How do I Apply for this SRD Grant?

To apply for the SRD Grant, you can follow a simple process. The recommended channel for application is WhatsApp, where you can send your application to the number 082 046 8553. It’s important to note that you should submit your application only once, either through the designated website or the provided WhatsApp number.

Avoid submitting multiple applications through different channels. SASSA will process and consider only one application per applicant, ensuring a fair and efficient evaluation process.

Asylum Seekers and Special Permit Holders

For individuals who fall under the category of asylum seekers or hold special permits, the following details are relevant. As an asylum seeker, it is essential to have a valid file number to facilitate the necessary processes. Additionally, if you possess a special permit from Zimbabwe, Angola, or Lesotho, you are entitled to specific benefits and consideration.

Stay informed about the requirements and privileges associated with your status as you navigate through the application procedures.

Status Check for Reconsideration / Appeal: May 2020 to March 2022

The reconsideration process for the period spanning from May 2020 to March 2022 has concluded, and no further applications will be reviewed for this specific timeframe. Please note that any requests for reconsideration during this period have been thoroughly processed, and the evaluation phase has reached its completion.

How to Appeal SASSA SRD Grant?

It’s very easy all you need to do is click on the link below and it will take you to the Official Website of SRD and you can directly appeal from there. However, the reconsideration period has been ended, so you will need to wait from the official Statement from the Government of South Africa. If you want to learn in detail you can check our guide at How to submit SASSA Status Check Appeal.

How to Update or Change Contact Details for R350 Grant?

1. Visit the SRD Website:

Click here to access the official SRD (Social Relief of Distress) website. This will direct you to the dedicated page for updating your contact details.

2. Enter Your ID Number and Application ID:

Provide your ID number and Application ID in the designated fields. This helps in identifying your specific application.

3. Submit the Form:

After entering your ID number and Application ID, select the “Submit” button to proceed to the next step.

4. Fill in Your Email Address (if available):

If you have an email address, enter it in the provided field. This ensures that you can receive any important notifications or updates regarding your application.

5. Enter Your New Cellphone Number:

Provide your new cellphone number in the relevant field. Make sure to double-check the number for accuracy.

6. Click “Submit”:

Once you have entered your new cellphone number, click the “Submit” button to proceed.

7. Choose the Reason for Changing the Cellphone Number:

Select the appropriate reason for changing your cellphone number from the options provided. This helps the authorities understand the purpose behind the update.

8. Fill in the OTP Sent via SMS:

You will receive a One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS to the old cellphone number associated with your application. Fill in this OTP in the designated field to verify your identity and proceed with the contact details update.

9. Select “Submit”:

After entering the OTP, click the “Submit” button to finalize the process.

By following these steps, you can easily update or change your contact details for the R350 grant, and you would not be questioning, “How to Change Number on SASSA Application?“.

How to Change Your SASSA SRD R350 Grant Banking Details?

If you are an approved beneficiary of the SASSA SRD R350 Grant and need to update your banking information, follow the simple steps below for a seamless process:

  1. Submit Your ID Number: To initiate the change, visit:, now kindly provide your ID Number in the designated space below. This information will be used to validate your identity.
  2. Secure Link via SMS: Once you submit your ID Number, you will receive an SMS containing a unique and secure link. This link is tailored exclusively for you and will be sent to the mobile phone number you used during the grant application.
  3. Follow Instructions Carefully: Click on the link received in the SMS and carefully follow the instructions provided. This ensures a smooth transition and accurate updating of your banking details.

You Can Read more about this here: How to Change Banking Details for SASSA?

Important Reminders:

  • Account Ownership: If you choose the bank account payment option, please ensure that the designated account belongs to you. SASSA is unable to deposit your grant into another person’s bank account.
  • Mobile Phone Number Registration: If you opt for money transfer via one of the major banks, ensure that the mobile phone number receiving the SMS is registered under your name. SASSA cannot transfer your grant to a mobile number registered to another individual.
  • Future Payments and Verification: It’s important to note that the updated banking details will be used for future payments after successful verification.

By following these steps, you can easily update your SASSA SRD R350 Grant banking details and ensure smooth and accurate payment processing.

Cancel COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant Application

In the event that your circumstances have changed, and you no longer require or meet the eligibility criteria for the special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant, you have the option to cancel your application. Simply click the button below to initiate the cancellation process.

How to Reinstate My Canceled Application?

If you have previously canceled your special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant application but now wish to reinstate it, simply click the button below to initiate the reinstatement process. Our goal is to make the reinstatement of your canceled application as convenient as possible.

How to Withdraw Your Monthly SASSA Grant Money?

If you have a SASSA card, withdraw your grant at ATMs using your card and PIN like a bank card for fee-free cash. You can also swipe your SASSA card at Shoprite, Boxer or Pick n Pay stores to get cash back on purchases.

To have your grant deposited into your bank account monthly, visit your nearest SASSA office. Complete their account payment form with your details so SASSA can route funds to your chosen account going forward. You can then withdraw cash from any ATM.

Without a SASSA card, withdraw cash at designated pay points by presenting ID. You can also make limited cash withdrawals directly at SASSA offices, up to R500 daily during office hours. For emergency access between payouts, collect urgent payments of up to R180 from SASSA offices when requested.

When withdrawing funds, prioritize security. Conceal cash carefully, keep your PIN private, avoid isolated ATMs at night, and report lost cards immediately to SASSA. Exercising caution allows secure grant collection. Contact SASSA if you have any concerns.

How to Reset Your SASSA Password?

Resetting your SASSA password online lets you regain access if locked out and create a new strong password. You will need your ID number and registered cellphone.

Steps to Reset Your SASSA Password

  1. Go to the SASSA website at
  2. Click the menu icon and select “Reset Password”
  3. Enter your 13-digit SA ID number exactly as registered
  4. Retrieve the OTP sent to your cellphone and enter it
  5. Create a new, unique password with letters, numbers and symbols
  6. Re-enter the new password to confirm the reset
  7. Log into your account with your new password

SASSA Contact Details


For any further queries, please contact SASSA directly:
Contact the SASSA Toll-Free Call centre on: 0800 60 10 11
Contact the SASSA Head Office on: 012 400 2322

Operating Hours of SASSA Branches

SASSA branches typically operate from Monday to Friday, with opening times ranging between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM in the morning, and closing times varying between 4:30 PM and 5:00 PM in the afternoon. It’s important to note that specific opening and closing hours may differ for each branch. SASSA branches are not open on weekends or public holidays.

Please be aware that SASSA branches often experience high volumes of applicants, resulting in long queues. To ensure you are attended to by a SASSA officer on the same day, it is highly recommended to arrive early in the morning, prior to the office’s opening time. Bringing along water, snacks, and a compact folding chair, if available, can enhance your comfort during the waiting period.

In cases where you are unable to visit the SASSA office yourself due to illness, old age, or disability, it is permissible for a family member or friend to apply on your behalf or visit the branch on your behalf.

Updated 2024: Frequently Asked Question about SASSA Status Check

Q: How can I check my Sassa SRD R350 payment status?

A: You can verify your R350 payment status by logging into the Sassa portal with your ID and phone number to access details on approval and transfers.

Q: What does the Sassa status check for R350 provide?

A: The R350 status check displays approval decisions and payment tracking for unemployment relief aid.

Q: How do I use Govchat to check my Sassa status?

A: Log into your GovChat account by submitting your ID and registered mobile number to view your Sassa grant status.

Q: What is the purpose of the Sassa means test?

A: Sassa conducts a means assessment to validate if an applicant meets the income and job requirements to qualify for assistance.

Q: How can I check my SASSA Appeal status?

A: Visit, enter your credentials and appeal details to retrieve the current status.

Q: Can I verify my SASSA R350 payment status in 2024?

A: Yes, access your Sassa account on their portal with your ID and mobile number to check your R350 payment status.

Q: What methods can I use to check my SRD status?

A: You can check your SRD status on the Sassa site, via WhatsApp or by calling their helpline number.

Q: What is the SASSA R350 Social Relief grant purpose?

A: The R350 grant aims to financially assist unemployed, poverty-stricken South African citizens during the pandemic.

Q: How do I track my SASSA status online?

A: Visit the SRD portal, submit your number to get an account OTP and enter it to view your status details.

Q: When will I receive R350 payment after approval?

A: Once approved, Sassa will SMS your specific monthly R350 payment date.

Q: What was SASSA’s recent payment date statement?

A: SASSA announced upcoming payment schedules for previously pending approved grants.

Q: How can I check my July 2024 R350 status?

A: Go to, access the status check page and login to view your July 2024 R350 status.

Q: What is the South African SASSA grant application process?

A: Confirm eligibility via the means test, then access your SASSA account to check status and apply if qualified.

Q: Why can’t I access my SASSA status?

A: If unable to view your status, contact Sassa directly to resolve any application issues.

Q: What does SASSA’s verification process involve?

A: Sassa thoroughly investigates applicants against the qualifying criteria to establish eligibility.

Q: When will I receive SASSA approval?

A: The typical application approval turnaround time is approximately 90 days.

Q: How do I get my SASSA status PIN?

A: Enter your cell number on their status site, request your PIN, and input the SMSed OTP which is your account PIN.

Q: What is the SASSA reconsideration portal used for?

A: It enables you to appeal rejected applications to have SASSA reevaluate your grant case. Visit this link to Appeal

Q: How do I use the SASSA online portal?

A: Log in with your ID and mobile number to apply, check status and access other services.

Q: What next after SASSA approval?

A: Once approved, update your banking details with Sassa to receive granted fund transfers.

Q: What if my SASSA Status is pending?

A: If pending, wait during ongoing verification taking up to 90 days in some situations.

Q: When does SASSA pay monthly grants?

A: Pay dates for grants are between the 1st and 8th each month based on processing times except SRD dates, those dates usually fall at the end of the month.

Q: Where can I check R350 status?

A: Log into the dedicated status check site by entering your credentials to view R350 status or simply enter your ID number and phone number in the above Checker tool.

Q: Why can’t I access SASSA status online?

A: If unable to access online, directly contact Sassa or visit regional offices for assistance.

Q: What does “bank details pending” status mean?

A: It means Sassa requires your account details to transfer approved payments.

Q: What does “reapplication pending” status mean?

A: It indicates a unsuccessful prior application was resubmitted for reevaluation.

Q: Where are 2024 SASSA Payment Grant Dates listed?

A: Our website published the 2024 grant payment date schedule from SASSA.

Q: Why does my status check fail?

A: There could be number of reasons like failed checks occur from incorrect login details entered or technical issues experienced.

Q: How will I know my SASSA Grant Pay date?

A: After approval, SASSA confirms your pay date via SMS if your banking details enable payment processing. However, you can scroll above and see the updated list of SASSA Payment dates 2024.

Q: How do I update bank details with SASSA in 2024?

A: Contact the call center or visit in-person to initiate required account changes. or you can simply visit the and if you want to know, we have uploaded a separate guide on SASSA Change Banking Details.

Q: Who Qualifies for SASSA grants in 2024?

A: Unemployed, financially distressed South Africans can qualify by meeting the set criteria.

Q: Is the SRD grant increased from R350 to R370 in 2024?

Yes, the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant has been increased to R370 in 2024. This change aims to provide more support to those in need during these challenging times.